A Harvest of Memories

Please, sit back and enjoy these personal experiences. Each item below is a link to a special topic, story, or article. The typical link underlines have been removed for appearances.


by Stacey Biemiller
by Jack Biemiller
Trummy Young "Be Quiet, Ocean" "Tales about
"The Magic Ball From Mars""
"Oh Colorado!" Aircraft Carrier First Landing Andrew John Biemiller Reader Responses About
The New "Magic Ball" Omnimbus
On Treason
From "The Marked Field."
The Poor Richard Club Stern, author, Francis The Talking Mule Archives from
The Philadelphia Daily News
Travels With Charley
On Albino Blue
The Field, a short story,
by Erin Biemiller
On College Football
From The Marked Field
go ahead, make them a story, daddy
Holiday Magazine
April 1946
Opening 100 Clams
Holiday Magazine
March 1946
Book report by Will Libs
Little Brother
A poem
by Bonnie Linthicum,
cousin and friend
Boy Scouts Diaries
Keith Biemiller's
Scout Camps
The Boy Who Impeached The President,
a manuscript.
Searching for the Real WILL YOLEN
by Valerie Govig
"Some days are born ugly,"
by John Steinbeck.
"Mack on dames."
by John Steinbeck.
Francis and the Press Magic Ball From Mars
Book Report by Will Libs
Mars The Red Planet
Science Report
by Will Libs
The Big Truck Ride
Jack & Jill
April 1952
In Jersey's Pines
Holiday Magazine
March 1946
Dime-Bank Odessey
Holiday Magazine
May 1946
Niagara Falls is...
Holiday Magazine
June 1946
Ada Campbell Rose
Jack & Jill Magazine
Oct. 1938, Nov. 1948
Philly A's Eddie Joost with the Biemiller Boys,
circa 1950
Black Dog
Naval Airship Mascot
Thinking Back
Youthful Reflections of
rural, 1870s Ireland
and Celtic History
by Grandfather Mulvey

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