Mark Harp, born Mark Linthicum in 1957, had an untimely death in 2004. He was Bonnie Linthicum's brother and with a grandfather, named John Henry Biemiller, was related to the Biemiller clan.
Mark's profession was music.

Little Brother

by Bonnie Linthicum

Good night my little brother, your time on earth is through.
You’ll be smiling shortly ‘cause they’re waiting there for you.

Hurry up Dear Markie, there isn't time to wait.
Our "Sandwich Man" and loving Mom are standing at the gate.

You’ll find that new horizon that you’ve been searching for.
Five dollars in your pocket will open every door.

We said all that was needed, love was shown in many ways.
Your smile and sense of humor I’ll remember all my days.

Sleep tight my little brother with the Angels up above.
Know now the appreciation that all showed with their love.

Your guest book proves without a doubt, how much you were respected.
And states the loving memories of the lives that you affected.

Mark Harp, 36, the King of Peru we’ll always keep in mind.
I know that you’ll be smiling down on those you left behind.

No grumbling now, the truth is out, you were appreciated.
Your music will live on and on for free, just as you stated.

The stage awaits you Markie so play and sing real proud.
Just like you did right here on earth….well, maybe not as loud.

Goodbye my little brother, in peace you will fly high
From the East coast to the West coast and up into the sky.

Show all you see your ‘Pride and Joy’ and smile right from the start.
Just know that you will always be forever in my heart.


Mark played guitar for many groups in the Baltimore area. He also maintained a web site, which is the second link below. The first link is his obit, by Erin Sullivan of the Baltimore City Paper on-line.

Mark's Obit Mark's Web Site


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