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Courier-Post, November 1947

"Visions Statehood For Alaska in '50"
Alaska will be the 50th state of the Union by 1950 in the opinion of Carl Biemiller, associate editor of "Holiday" and former member of the Courier-Post staff. Hawaii recently was granted statehood and will become the 49th state when state legislatures ratify action.

Biemiller, who lives in Haddonfield (NJ), made his prediction at a luncheon of the Poor Richard club, Philiadelphia, yesterday, when he reported his observations on a recent trip to the territory.

Terming Alaska the orphan of the American family, the editor said statehood was essential to the economic growth of the territory.

Statehood would heavily increase the individual tax burden in Alaska, Biemiller declared, since facilities now supplied by U. S. would be withdrawn.

Alaskans want the opportunities for development the admission as a state would bring. At the last general elections in the territory, the people voted to seek statehood.

Fishing has replaced gold mining as the chief industry of the northern land, Biemiller told the advertising men.
Eric notes:
Dad never forgot his trips to Alaska. Its islands and topography were the setting for Escape From The Crater, the third and final book of the futuristic, science fiction series, The Hydronaut Adventures.

"Curtis Line," April 1952

Biemiller Promoted to New Holiday Position
Carl L. Biemiller, an Associate Editor of Holiday magazine since the magazine was started six years ago, has been named to the position of Assistant to the Editor. This position ranks just below that of Editor. In his new capacity, Mr. Biemiller will work very closely with Editor Ted Patrick.

At the same time, Frank Zachary was appointed Graphics Editor, which creates a new title on the magazine staff. Zachary will be in charge of the graphics content of the book.

Other staff changes move Harry Sions and Loring Dowst to the postions of Senior Editors.

Philadelphia Daily News, Friday, February 1, 1957

Carl L. Biemiller joins the Philadelphia Daily News today as assistant publisher.

Announcement of the appointment was made by David Stern, who recently became publisher of the Daily News.

Biemiller comes to his new post from Holiday magazine, where he was executive editor. He has played a major role in the growth of Holiday since its establishment in 1945.

BOTH STERN and Biemiller were longtime associates on the Camden Courier-Post, the Philadelphia Record and the New York Post. Biemiller also has been a public relations consultant to the National Association of Manufacturers.

In addition to his administrative duties at Holiday, Biemiller contributed more than 200 articles to the magazine. He is the author of two best-selling children's books. The latest, "Starboy," was cited among the year's best by the New York Times.

BIEMILLER IS 44. He lives in Haddonfield (NJ) with his wife and four sons, 11 to 20 years old. He has long been active in civic affairs in Haddonfield. He has traveled over much of the world in his Holiday assignments. The Italian government knighted him (for articles written about Italy).

Appointment of Biemiller is part of the reorganization of the Daily News under the direction of Stern.

January 30, 1957, Noted VAR. by Brennan. Could simply be a wire service release.

"Biemiller Joins Philly News"
As part of a "general reorganization and upgrading program" under way at the Philadelphia Daily News, Carl L. Biemiller has been named assistant publisher and joins the staff Monday. Formerly executive editor of Curtis Publishing's Holiday mag, he resigned to take the News post.

His appointment, disclosed by Daily News board chairman Mathew H. McCloskey and publisher David "Tommy" Stern, brings Biemiller and Stern together after a 10-year business separation. They were formerly associated with the Philadelphia Record, The New York Post and the Camden Courier-Post when these properties were owned by
J. David Stern.

Biemiller, who was with Holiday since its inception in 1945, will first concentrate on "revitalization" of the New's revenue producing departments. He'll function as publisher during any Stern absence, it was said, "and will be concerned with the operation of all departments."


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