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TITLE: Starboy

AUTHOR: Carl L. Biemiller

Johnny Jenks - An earth boy.
Remo - A boy from "out there".
Mr. George Jenks - A scientist for the government and Johnny's Dad.
Mary Jenks - Johnny's Mom, a great cook!
Arcon - Remo's Dad and the "man from out there".
Mr. Murphy - A nice scientist friend of Mr. Jenks.
Mr. Applegate - A nosey farmer.

This story, "Starboy" is a follow up to another adventure called; "The Magic Ball from Mars". It is about a boy named Johnny Jenks who gets to spend his summer on the farm with a boy named Remo, who comes all the way from Mars on a flying saucer! Johnny and Remo learn how each other thinks and feels, they learn about special powers they have and how their brains work.

I have three favorite adventures I want to tell you about;

1. I loved when Remo used his special powers to flip over the big fat bull in Mr. Applegate's pasture!.

2. It was hilarious when they went to the fair and Remo used his strength to knock the bell off the tower 20 feet!

3. I liked it when Johnny and Remo played mind games with the "Magic Ball at night, I wish I could do that with my friend A.J.

Unfortunately, the government wanted to know too much about Remo and his planet so he went home quickly on his flying saucer and this made me sad.

I hope Remo comes back in another story, maybe if I am lucky Mr. Biemiller's son will write another story!

I loved this book, thanks,

Will Libs
2nd Grade, Mrs. Lemmer
St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School
Ann Arbor, Michigan


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