The Poor Richard Club of Philadelphia, PA

Information from Dorothy O. Mulvey,

aka, DOM, the sister to Carl L. Biemiller's wife, Fanonda Mulvey Biemiller.

I know something about The Poor Richard Club - my father (TJ) was a member and also taught classes there. TJ had been advertising manager for Dewees, a women's clothing store. The Club's membership was made up of advertising people.

The Club ran a "school" in which people in the trade offered classes not only to the membership but also, I believe to the general public. Those were the days of the Great Depression when the unemployed avidly took courses in order to qualify for whatever jobs might be or become available.

The Club had an annual banquet for members.......Daddy took Mother and, when they were in their teens (or so) took Zoe and Nonda (DOM's older sisters). It was a very big deal because almost every company in Philadelphia gave merchandise for distribution to the attendees. I can remember their coming home with loads of bags of stuff.

Carl L. Biemiller was a member of The Poor Richard Club.


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