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Beverly Anderson comments:
My family thanks you for the gift of THE MAGIC BALL FROM MARS and STARBOY, as well as the HYDRONAUT, presented to my husband, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Since his passing, my granddaughter, age 7, has enjoyed my reading of both books.

Your father was such a master of words, imagination, and a "reporter", too, I have learned.

Thursday, July 14th 2005

Frances Kowalke penned:
Dear Eric,

I have just read your father's books, "Magic" & "Starboy," which Judy gave me for Christmas, and which you so graciously signed. What a delightful story teller your father was. I can't tell you how pleased I am to have this book.

As a young pre-teen and early-teen, I had a great interest in science fiction and read many books on the subject. I never so much as imagined the possibility that one day I would witness an actual landing on Mars.

Thank you, Eric, for your part in bringing back treasured memories of my youth, so long forgotten.

It is wonderful.

From Judy (daughter of Frances, above) in Wisconsin:
Subject: YIPPEEEEEE!!!!.....It's HERE!!...
I just got the book!!! WOW! That was FAST!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you VERY much for signing it for Mom. You knew just what to write!! I am indebted to you, my friend!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!

Oh yes! It's GORGEOUS!! I love it! They really did do a great job! Excellent! I can't wait to get one for myself. I need to read all the stuff.

Eric's Note:
Judy was directed to my web site by a cousin. We have since talked and she asked if I would sign a copy of the new book for her mother for a Christmas present. I said yes and we arranged the ordering and handling of shipping costs.

I can do the same for you, if you like. Please contact me at:

From young Isabella in Massachusetts:
Dear Readers,

The book you are about to read is a magical journey about a little boy who finds a magic ball from Mars. Your imagination will pop out just like Stanley's when you read this book. I know you'll enjoy it, and you'll be excited to read the next book, Star Boy.

Isabella from Massachusetts.

A bookreport from eight year old Will in Michigan:
TITLE: Starboy

AUTHOR: Carl L. Biemiller

Johnny Jenks - An earth boy.
Remo - A boy from "out there".
Mr. George Jenks - A scientist for the government and Johnny's Dad.
Mary Jenks - Johnny's Mom, a great cook!
Arcon - Remo's Dad and the "man from out there".
Mr. Murphy - A nice scientist friend of Mr. Jenks.
Mr. Applegate - A nosey farmer.

This story, "Starboy" is a follow up to another adventure called; "The Magic Ball from Mars". It is about a boy named Johnny Jenks who gets to spend his summer on the farm with a boy named Remo, who comes all the way from Mars on a flying saucer! Johnny and Remo learn how each other thinks and feels, they learn about special powers they have and how their brains work.

I have three favorite adventures I want to tell you about;

1. I loved when Remo used his special powers to flip over the big fat bull in Mr. Applegate's pasture!.

2. It was hilarious when they went to the fair and Remo used his strength to knock the bell off the tower 20 feet!

3. I liked it when Johnny and Remo played mind games with the "Magic Ball at night, I wish I could do that with my friend A.J.

Unfortunately, the government wanted to know too much about Remo and his planet so he went home quickly on his flying saucer and this made me sad.

I hope Remo comes back in another story, maybe if I am lucky Mr. Biemiller's son will write another story!

I loved this book, thanks,

Will Libs
2nd Grade, Mrs. Lemmer
St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School
Ann Arbor, Michigan


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