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Carl L. Biemiller

Author for Young Readers

Ever wonder what makes an author write for young readers?
Perhaps, it starts with story telling. Read Carl's early magazine article titled,
go ahead, make them a story, daddy

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The three books in the series of The Hydronaut Adventures are on sale as ebooks for Kindle at They are The Hydronauts, Follow The Whales and Escape from the Crater. The links below take you to the books on
The Hydronauts Follow The Whales Escape From The Crater

The wonderful tale of Owney, the Postal Service's Scotch-Irish, terrier mascot, is also on sale as an ebook for Kindle at Amazon. If you are not interested in a great dog story then you can have a fishy tale of the Albino Blue in the Kindle book store.
Any Friend of Owney's Albino Blue

Mr. Biemiller penned a Hawaiian tale for young readers.
The Kite of Kilauea was two found, unpublished manuscripts that were the same story with different twists.
Kite enthusiasts will recognize the name Will Yolen and the Rogallo kite.

The two manuscripts were merged with the best of of both. The Kite of Kiluaea has been published as an ebook for Kindle

The Kite of Kilauea for Kindle

Information about the ebook is here.

The Kite of Kilauea

Carl Biemiller's father-in-law, T. J. Mulvey, drafted a manuscript titled Thinking Back.
It is his youthful reflections of rural 1870s Ireland and Celtic History.

Thinking Back

What do you get when you mix parapsychology with Nixon's Watergate?
You get the manuscript of:

The Boy Who Impeached The President

Carl started publishing for children with Jack & Jill Magazine in the early 1950s. Enjoy

The Big Truck Ride


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The jackets and titles below connect to information about
Mr Biemiller's publications.
In addition, each page contains links to special web sites of related subjects.

Magic Ball From Mars


The Albino Blue

Any Friend of Owney's

The Magic Ball



Any Friend

From Mars

sequel to "Magic Ball"

Albino Blue

of Owney's

The Hydronauts

Follow the Whales

Escape From the Crater

The Hydronauts

Follow the Whales

Escape from the Crater

Doubleday combined the Hydronauts, Follow The Whales and Escape From The Crater
into this Fatback, titled, The Hydronaut Adventures," copyright 1981 by Eric Biemiller.

The book's jacket link will give you an introduction.

Carl Biemiller: born December 16, 1912; died September 28, 1979.

(Photo by Jerome Andersen from jacket of The Hydronauts)

This web site is about him and his writing.

Details about the author's career are listed in the following link.

Carl L. Biemiller

Carl's humorous biography, featured in the pulp Blue Book, is next.

Blue Book Bio.

This bio. was featured with Carl's first novella The Marked Field.
Tap the marked field below to mix college football with post WWII spies.

The page titled, "A Harvest of Memories," is a growing collection of personal notes about Carl L., magazine articles, the Biemiller genealogy and more. Enjoy!

Harvest of Memories

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