Carl L. Biemiller

This humorous biography appeared in Blue Book Magazine

October 1949, Vol. 89, No. 6

Biemiller's book-length novel, The Marked Field was featured in that edition.

"On Treason" and "On Football" are excerpts from the novel
and can be found at The Harvest of Memories link
in the table at the end of this biography.

The book title will take you to the novel, published online for your reading pleasure.

"He is a thirty-six year old native Jerseyman, a resident of Haddonfield, where his four sons represent .0004 percent of the town's population. He is at present, an associate editor of Holiday magazine, with a tenure extending from its pre-dummy embryo. He left high school with a football scholarship offer to greet the first major wave of modern collegiate "purity" in the days of the Carnegie investigation, which made the offer as valuable as lead pants to a halfback.

He thereafter went sulking off to the marts of trade, taking a shipbuilding job which taught him that steel was too heavy to lug around; whereupon he repaired to a ten-year hitch in the newspaper business, serving with the Philadelphia Record, the New York Post and the Camden Courier Post. He has been a sports writer, reporter, columnist, promotion manager and an assistant to the publisher.

A starry-eyed fancier of mere money, he left the newspaper business for a swat at public relations in New York, fled for his life after a year, to try freelance fiction writing, during which time he produced absolutely unsung masterpieces against the mood music of four kids howling around an empty refrigerator.

Encouraged by his ravishing beautiful wife, a newspaper man's daughter herself ("Go back to work, you bum!") he borrowed a necktie from a neighbor and asked the man for a job. The man betrayed him and gave him one. Naturally, he became a howling success, and as anyone who knows the glamorous magazine business can well imagine, it now takes four stalwart men to help him tote his salary home each week."


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