Copyright 1973 by Carl L. Biemiller

Published by Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, NY Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-921900


From the book's jacket:

"The Hydronauts, Kim, Toby Lee, Tuktu and Genright Selsor are back together again for another futuristic adventure under the sea. This time Kim and his group receive special orders to become Sea Rovers, in search of the mankind created men-fish, who seem to be "managing" certain forms of sea life already under "management" by the Warden Service of the Hive Cities. Research has indicated that the best clues to the whereabouts and behaviour of the men-fish may be by following the whale herds. Carrying out their orders to see if the men-fish should be allowed to live or not, the chase begins.

In this sequel to The Hydronauts, Carl L. Biemiller continues where he left off with the adventures of this group in a future environment where men live beneath the sea, can communicate with dolphins and other sea creatures, and can preserve human beings in a state of suspended animation for centuries. In this book he adds much cetalogical
* lore as well as the adventure of the chase. A solid science fiction book filled with suspense and drama."

Eric's note: Dad, I'm guessing, made up the word cetalogical from "cetacea." Cetacea is an order of completely aquatic, mostly marine eutherian mammals consisting of the whales, dolphins, porpoises, and related forms. (Thanks to Webster's Third New International Dictionary for "Cetacea.")


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