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Fanasty and Science Fiction Lists

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The University of Pennsylvania hosts a large list of links
to on line books, authors and references.

The Online Books Page


Children's Literature

Cynthia's is a wonderful and comprehensive site for Children's Literature.
Her colorful sign will escort you there.

To Children's Literature Resources

Sharyn November hosts a potpourri of links to author sites,
references and whatever else you can imagine.

sharyn november

Stacey Maisch blogs about the trials, tribulations and joys of young mommy-hood.
Visit her blog "From Grind To Whine."

Stacey Maisch


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The Marine Laboratories at Sandy Hook

lit·to·ral adj. of or existing on a shore. -n. A shore or coastal region.

Smithsonian Institution

National Postal Museum

Noble Dogs

The Constellations and their Stars

The Hubble Project

Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center

How Submarines Work

Scripts Institution

WhaleNet~Boston, MA

Whale Songs

NOAA--National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Some of Eric's Favorite Music
(Images are Links)

To Jennifer White Jennifer White is a Celtic harpist, singer and story teller.

I had the fun fortune to jam with her and her Robert at a hosted party.
To Heather Dale Heather Dale is a gifted Celtic singer and musician with her own style of interpreting lore.

Be sure to ask for her autograph when ordering her CDs. I did and it was graciously given.
To Caroline Lavelle Caroline Lavelle has toured with Loreena McKinnett, The Chieftains and others. Her cello, voice and music are simply fantastic! Photo by Johannes Felsch.
To Lorenna McKinnitt In a recording career spanning nearly two decades, Lorenna McKennitt's “eclectic Celtic” music has won critical acclaim worldwide and gold, platinum and multi-platinum sales awards in fifteen countries across four continents.
To Clannad Clannad have given a unique voice to modern Irish music. They have combined a deep love of traditional strains with a bold approach to writing and recording. Their legacy is a hugely impressive collection of albums, touching on folk, rock, ambient, jazz and world music.
To Greyeyeglances In another world, Grey Eye Glances would be all over mainstream radio. The band has the right ingredients: powerful voices (Jennifer Nobel sounds like Sarah McLachlan's long-lost sister), catchy songs and an obvious chemistry among the three founding members: Nobel, keyboardist Dwayne Keith and bassist Eric O'Dell.
To Ms Marci By Susan Dziedzic (of The Reminder 11/18/05)
Ms Marci (aka, Marci Chevian-Hooper), is the driving diva behind the Lovesick Hounds. She’s a commanding presence on stage as she grasps the audience with her musical sleight of hand from the first note she plays on her lipstick-red bass. Chevian-Hooper has been a winner in the preliminary Connecticut Blues Challenge contests, as well as sharing the stage with some of contemporary music greats like Muddy Waters, Luther Guitar ‘Junior’ Johnson, Pinetop Perkins, Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and B.B. King.


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