Copyright 1956 by Carl L. Biemiller

Illustrated by Kathleen Voute

Published by Henry Holt and Company, NY; 1st - March 1956, 2nd - November 1956, 3rd - December 1959

This book appeared serially in Jack and Jill under the title, "Jonny and the Boy from Space." Copyright, 1954, by the Curtis Publishing Company.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 5M224 90945-0116

Published In Canada, George J. McLeod, Ltd.

CLB, circa 1958 In late 2003, for the 50th Anniversary of "The Magic Ball From Mars," The Sense of Wonder Press has republished "Starboy" in an omnibus. The book's jacket will take you to the NEWS!
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Something About The Author,
edited by Anne Commire, Volume 40, copyright 1985, Gale Research Company, Detroit Michigan. Page 34.

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From the Book's Jacket:

"There aren't many boys who can truthfully say they have seen a flying saucer; even fewer who can say they have actually spoken to the person in it.

But our Johnny Jenks is one of the few boys who can say just that, truthfully. All that was some time ago, though, and so you can imagine just how delighted Johnny is one soft summer day when he has just - accidentally, of course - set fire to the barn, and his old friend, the Man from Out There, arrives in his flying saucer in the nick of time and puts the fire out.

Johnny is even more delighted when he finds out later that Arcon has brought his son Remo with him this time, to stay a while with the Jenks family and learn what life on Earth is like. Remo brings a space-a-tron with him.... What's that? You don't know what a space-a-tron is?

Well, it's a little, shiny metal ball and you play games with it by "mentally" ordering it to do things: to race round a room, for instance, and glow red at the same time, and the two boys have fun with that. Johnny introduces Remo to the joys of paddling in a cool, running brook in the hot sun (water's too scarce for paddling in, Out There). Remo deals smartly and firmly with an infuriated bull, and gives cheery old Mr. Applegate his first suspicion that this young friend of Johnny's is not just an ordinary boy. Mr. Applegate and Mr. Murphy, Mr. Jenks' scientist friend, have a great time at a county fair, but Remo mistakenly shows off his phenomenal strength there, and they almost run into some serious trouble. One day they all see the sights of New York, including a ball game at Yankee Stadium, and Mr. Applegate has his hour of glory.

Meanwhile there's the difficulty of the rather stuffy, serious-minded experts from Washington, who want to know in detail just what makes Remo tick, which isn't going to do anybody any good, really. But Remo daren't stay any longer, and everybody has quite a time frantically helping him to get off safely Out There again. He manages it, of course ... have you ever tried to catch a flying saucer?

All this just goes to prove that there are new things under the sun, and with some imagination, a bit of luck, and a tremendous sense of humor (like Carl Bierniller's), you can find them too."


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