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Anne Hardin has been a friend of Ray Bradbury's for over 20 years. During 1991, in her position as editor of the International Trumpet Guild Journal, her interest in reprinting Ray's poem about Louis Armstrong called "Satchmo Saved" was the beginning of a close friendship. Ray later wrote a poem for her after reading about the orbicularis oris -- the lip muscle that a trumpeter uses to play -- "Satchmo's Syndrome: An Ode d'Orifice." When Hardin retired as editor in 1996, Ray wrote the poem "Just Gimme That Brass," which was set to music by none other than the composer of the classic film score "Laura," David Raksin. The jazzy rendition for brass choir and 8-voice choir was premiered at the University of California Long Beach with Bradbury and Raksin in the audience.

Anne is associated with two publishing houses: Camden House published for Ray an edition of Thomas Love Peacock's Headlong Hall, with Ray's new introduction. Her acquaintance with Bradbury's friend Forrest Ackerman and his publisher, Sense of Wonder Press, has produced Rainbow Fantasia, 35 "Tales of Wonder" dedicated to Ray, and just available in time for DragonCon, a book called Martianthology, a collection of pulp tales about what else? Mars.

Dr. Anne Hardin retired from her Band Director position at the H. E. McCracken Middle School in Bluffton, South Carolina in 2004. She won the honor as Beaufort County Teacher of the Year for the 2002-2003 season.


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