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Mr. Biemiller is currently a project manager for outage services at Westinghouse Electric Co. He moved to this position in August 2006 after completing the Field Superintendent job for Transnuclear’s reactor vessel internals segmentation at the Rancho Seco Nuclear Station. He previously held a similar position for decommissioning activities at Dominion’s Millstone Unit 1 where he was heavily involved in planning and implementing tasks in support of waste removal, cask handling, vessel grid segmentation and coordinating the various craft and crew support needed for the decommissioning efforts. Mr. Biemiller has served as Project Manager for many other assignments in support of nuclear power plant refueling outages and decommissioning activities; including chemical decontamination, spent fuel pool clean up and other waste disposal projects, balance of plant HVAC, nuclear fuel repair and inspection programs, steam generator inspections and service water piping work. He has acted as Construction Superintendent for nuclear plant decommissioning. Mr. Biemiller is also a metallurgical consultant for material failure analysis, corrosion engineering, material selection and the evaluation of irradiation effects on nuclear reactor vessels. In addition, Mr. Biemiller has a purchasing background where as Senior Purchasing Agent; he restructured and managed Yankee Atomic Electric Co.'s purchasing activities. During this time he achieved the Certified Purchasing Manager accreditation from the National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM). He has also performed procurement functions for decommissioning work.


Field Superintendent for nuclear plant decommissioning.
Project Manager for the transition team at Indian Point 2 after the sale of the Unit to Entergy.
Construction Superintendent for nuclear plant decommissioning.
Project Manager for nuclear fuel repair and inspection, balance of plant HVAC, steam generator inspections, nuclear plant chemical decontamination, nuclear spent fuel pool clean up, pipe rehabilitation (™Insituform), reactor vessel surveillance programs and test reactor irradiation programs.
Metallurgical consultant/failure analysis/corrosion engineering.
Senior Purchasing Agent, Yankee Atomic Electric Co. Purchasing Group.
Supervisor of Combustion Engineering's Operations Chemistry Group.
Naval instructor at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, nuclear training facility.
Machinist Mate 1st (SS)/Lead ELT, Navy nuclear and submarine qualified.


B. S. Metallurgy, Pennsylvania State University - With Distinction.

U. S. Navy nuclear power, submarine and other Navy schools.


Independent Contractor (June 1999 - August 2006)

Worked at the Rancho Seco Nuclear Station segmenting the reactor vessel internals.
Worked at Millstone Unit 1 as Field Superintendent for the removal of radioactive waste to place the decommissioned plant in safe-store.
Project Manager at Indian Point 2 helping Design Engineering and other organizations integrate, learn project management skills and prepare for the October 2002 refueling outage. Assisted the staff in transitioning to the Entergy way of doing business after the Consolidation Edison sale of the Unit.
Project manager for various decommissioning projects at Millstone Unit 1.

Principal Engineer (Metallurgy) (1989-1999) - Project Manager for special assignments, including but not limited to, nuclear fuel repair and inspection, nuclear steam generator inspections, chemical decontaminations, pipe rehabilitation, and material test irradiation programs. Provides metallurgical expertise in the areas of corrosion, failure analysis, irradiation effects on reactor pressure vessel steel and material selection for nuclear plant primary and secondary systems.

Senior Purchasing Agent (1983-89) - Managed Yankee Atomic's Purchasing Group.

Senior Engineer (1978-83) - Conducted design review, procurement and performance of nuclear fuel assembly fabrication and other nuclear reactor components. Conducted reactor vessel irradiation surveillance programs, failure analyses and corrosion engineering. Managed on site nuclear fuel repair and inspection activities.

Combustion Engineering, Inc.

Supervisor, Operations Chemistry Group - Supervised staff activities involved with radiochemistry, water chemistry, and steam generator cleaning activities in support of pressurized water reactors and auxiliary systems. Conducted nuclear fuel repair activities. Performed research in corrosion engineering and on the effects of neutron bombardment on reactor vessel steels.

Pennsylvania State University

Mineral Constitution Laboratories - Prepared petrographical and metallography samples and performed photographic darkroom work while a student.

United States Navy, Nuclear Program

Machinist Mate 1st Class (SS) - Operator of nuclear power propulsion plants. Instructor at the U. S. Navy Nuclear Power School at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. Engine room supervisor, chemistry supervisor and health physics supervisor on the nuclear submarine, USS Kamehameha, SSBN-642.



- Tau Beta Pi

- American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)



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U. S. Patent No. 4,273,838, "Weld Metal Resistant to Neutron Bombardment."

No. 27 09 906, Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

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